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T. Butler Engineering Ltd was established in 1988 by Thomas and Joan Butler. The company was established to manufacture Wire Forming, Spring Making and Special Purpose machinery. TBE machines produce parts for the Automotive, Construction, Computer, Bedding and Medical industries.

T. Butler Engineering Ltd has sold almost 200 machines worldwide: In Ireland, United Kingdom, Mainland Europe, Turkey, Canada, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, and South America.

With a commitment to significant annual investment in Research and Development, these machines are continuously advancing technologically and are sold at a competitive price to suit our individual customer needs. There are a number of standard options available and special solutions can be provided upon request - depending on the particular requirement of the individual customer. At present, our main ranges of machinery include the Multiform, Multibend and Sinubend series - officially launched during 2012 as an industry leading development for the production of complex Sinuous Wire Forms and related components. During Spring 2014; the company launched the TBE Multibend 'E Series'; which represents a significant enhancement to the existing Multibend Series of Machines. During Q1 - 2015; TBE is officially launching the TBE Rapidform Series; for the cost efficient and exceptionally rapid production of high volume component products.

T. Butler Engineering Ltd has three principal objectives as a company:

  • Working closely with our customers to achieve common objectives
  • Continuous Innovation and technological advances
  • Ongoing improvements in efficiency and competitiveness
Update: June - 2015

TBE is pleased to announce the launch of our latest innovation; the TBE Multibend 'Three Head' Series - which has been developed to facilitate the accurate and rapid production of even more complex products; without impacting upon overall machine output. Please refer to the ''Latest News'' Section for further details.

TBE is delighted to announce the sale of Machine # 200 - TBE 30 Multibend - EXL. A special commissioning event for the delivery of this machine will take place during 2015.


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